Lyme II see off Dorchester in one-sided contest


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Normal club activities have resumed at Lyme Regis following a week’s hiatus for the annual tournament, writes Paul Moffitt.

There was varying fortunes for the league teams. The ladies and Lyme II fared best! The ladies had a good 9-1 win against Dorchester, but came unstuck in the third round of Top Club against a very strong Bridport side.

This game was played in atrocious conditions which the Bridport ladies handled better than Lyme.

Lyme II men were in action twice this week, catching up on a previously cancelled game against Dorchester B. They banked only two points against Portland BO, but a fine 10-0 win over Dorchester was the result of the second outing.

However, the championship side are struggling in their division with just two points from their meeting with Dorchester and nothing to show for the rearranged game against a very potent team from Poole Park.

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In the friendlies there were two narrow losses and a draw. In the game against Ottery St Mary, all four rinks were within two shots of each other with Ottery just being the victors.

Fifty plus bowlers and spectators from Dursley BC played on Sunday, the organiser of the tour keeping the destination a secret.

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They were all delighted with the venue and I’m sure we’ll host them again. Thanks to all the catering team for what was a very busy day.


West Dorset Men Div 2.

Lyme II, 43, Portland BO 54.

C Elmore, A Henson, A Nabarro, B Parsons 8-21; B Driscoll, N Solomon, C Bell, C Barber 19-14; D Sarson, P Stephens, R Legg, D Meylan 16-19.

Lyme II, 70; Dorchester B 38.

A Nabarro, A Henson, R Legg, D Wood 27-10; C Elmore, P Stephens, B Parsons, D Meylan 17-14; B Driscoll, B Moon, J Beadsley, C Barber 26-14.


Lyme 119, Dursley Tour 125.

B Driscoll, J Moffitt, N Stephens 17-21; P Ward, A Visitor, B Moon, D Wood 12-30; L Young, A Visitor, A Visitor, B Parsons 32-12; V Henson, P Stephens, P Weech 28-11; N Driscoll, A Visitor, A Visior, A Nabarro 14-22; A Darvill, J Parsons, B Rattenbury 20-8; J Moon, A Rattenbury, A Weech 10-22.

Some adjustments were made to the above scores to counteract some of the Lyme teams being just three players.

Lyme 74, Ottery st Mary 76.

D Sarson, C Elmore, P Knight, H Dowling 21-19; V Henson, S Dowling, A Nabarro, P Weech 21-19; F Sell, A Darvill, A Henson, P Moffitt 19-19; B Smith, M Knight, D Courtenay-Smith, A Weech 15-17.

Lyme 97, Carlton Tour 97.

J Moon, N Driscoll, A Nabarro, B Rattenbury 15-21; A Darvill, G Clode, B Moon, P Weech 16-11; V Henson, B Driscoll, A Rattenbury, A Preece 16-20; M Knight, J Kesterton, T Allman, N Stephens 18-18; P Ward, J Parsons, P Knight, A Weech 10-14; L Young, P Stephens, B Parsons, A Allman 22-13.

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