Lyme Regis bowlers in fine victory over visiting Page Park

The Lyme Regis championship side has a break from league duty for two weeks but, it was business as usual for the other league team’s, writes Paul Moffitt.

There were better fortunes this week with the ladies picking up seven points against West Moors away from home. The men, in Division One, claimed six points against Dorchester B despite losing on two rinks. The win was down to a very fine win from Alan Preece’s 37-8.

Unfortunately, the men in Division Two didn’t fare so well and lost all the available points to Sherborne A.

In the friendlies it was a case of two won and one loss! The loss was against local rivals Bridport where we played mixed rinks when historically it has been an all male affair. On Friday the club entertained a team from Page Park, Bristol, the home team of Lyme stalwarts Alan and Pam Weech who were instrumental in getting the fixture arranged.

For a while it looked as if the weather was going to be the winner, but eventually the rain ceased, more or less, and we were able to complete 18 ends.

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Dorset Ladies Div 1.

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Lyme 63, West Moors 51.

J Parsons, A Rattenbury, N Stephens, C Barber 21-21; J Moffitt, M Gillett, S Rowe, C Clissold 15-17; J Kesterton, P Knight, A Allman, P Weech 27-13.

West Dorset Men Div 1:

Lyme 62, Dorchester’B’ 58.

M Heneghan, P Stephens, D Pomeroy, A Preece 37-8; R McLennan, J Irwin, J Beadsley, B Parsons 16-23; M Knight, D Perry, J Moseley, R Legg 9-27.

West Dorset Men Div 2:

Lyme 38, Sherborne ‘A’ 73.

B Downes, C Bell, J Owen, R Hobbs 16-26; D Read, I Forster, B Smith, N Solomon 12-26; R Bishop, B Stephens, A Nabarro, T Payne 10-21.


Lyme 63, Bridport 67.

C Clissold, P Stephens, J Moffitt, Chris Barber 15-20; J Barnish, P Knight, N Solomon, Chas Barber 18-14; M Heneghan, J Perry, S Rowe, P Moffitt 18-12; M Knight, R Turpin, A Nabarro, K Clissold 12-21.

Lyme 145, Chelmsford Tour 103.

A Foster, J Perry, G Clode, Chas Barber 24-14; C Clissold, R Bishop, M Heneghan, B Parsons 35-7; B Downes, A Rattenbury, P Stephens, N Solomon 25-10; D Read, G Cozens, T Payne, B Rattenbury 26-24; P Cole, J Irwin, J Parsons, D Meylan 21-26; I Forster, K Faragher, B Smith, K Clissold 15-22.

Lyme 105, Page Park 93.

A Foster, G Cozens, J Moseley, Chris Barber 15-15; K Faragher, B Smith, J Moffitt, Chas Barber 8-22; C Clissold, N Benson, G Clode, A Weech 21-11; J Irwin, D Courtenay-Smith, D Wood, B Rattenbury 23-15; J Barnish, T Payne, B Parsons, R Hobbs 15-14; Y Moody, P Stephens, P Weech, P Moffitt 19-16.

Lastly, on Saturday, the Pelman three-wood handicap singles was contested, the eventual winner being Barry Rattenbury with a win over Chas Barber in the final.

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