Lyme Regis bowlers suffer mixed fortunes


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There were varying degrees of success and failure in the past week for Lyme Regis bowlers, writes Paul Moffitt.

Lyme One are making steady progress after an 8-2 win away at Dorchester. However, Lyme Two, on the other hand, were well beaten at home by Sherborne, failing to secure a single point.

Lyme Three picked up two points in the South Dorset League whilst the ladies were unfortunate to come away with just four points from their away game at Blandford, winning as they did on two of the three rinks.

In the friendlies, Lyme only managed one win from three games. A particularly hard game against West Sussex tourists saw Lyme lose on five rinks and just draw the sixth.

We could do with more of our first team members turning out for these touring side games in order to give them the opposition they deserve!

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West Dorset Men Div 1.:

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Lyme One 96, Dorchester A 38.

T Allman, S Pomeroy, S Chant, P Pomeroy 14-17; C Barber, P Eagles, K Hickman, P Moffitt 28-12; D Meylan, G Clode, A Weech, B Rattenbury 34-9.

Lyme Two 0, Sherborne 10pts.

Lyme Three 2, Wellworthy B 8 pts.

Dorset Ladies Div 1:

Lyme 53, Blandford 61.

A Allman, M Bartlett, S Rowe, P Weech 24-17; J Moffitt M Gillett, L Broom, N Stephens 21-15; H Dowling, A Rattenbury, D Courtenay-Smith, C Barber 9-29.


Lyme 100, West Sussex Tour 166.

Lyme 121, Chippenham Park Tour 93.

C Clissold, N Benson, K Clissold, Chas Barber 24-18; B Smith, M & P Knight, J Moffitt, D Meylan 17-16; J Perry, T Payne, D Wood, Chris Barber 22-12; P Ward, S Wood, J Kesterton, P Moffitt 14-19; J Barnish, M Bartlett, E Skeemer, A Preece 23-19; T Young, J Beadsley, J Parsons, A Weech 21-11.

Lyme 5, Nomads 82.

P Knight, B Downes, J Hare, Chas Barber 11-28; K Faragher, M Knight, M Gillett, A Weech 28-13 (25% deducted); B Smith, C Elmore, J Beadsley, Chris Barber 13-19; A Foster, M Bartlett, J Kesterton, P Weech 8-22.

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