Lyme Regis enjoy win double

Bowls. Ref exsp 25-16SH 9103. Picture: Simon Horn.

Bowls. Ref exsp 25-16SH 9103. Picture: Simon Horn. - Credit: Archant

There were wins for both Lyme Regis men’s teams this week in their respective leagues, but a loss for the ladies, who went down 0-10 away to Poole Park, writes Paul Moffitt.

The men also won their opening round of the county two rinker against Dorchester B.

In other action, there was just the one friendly in the past week and that saw the team travel to Madeira where Lyme won 98-84.


Dorset Men’s Championship: Lyme 49, Sherborne 47. T Allman, S Pomeroy, S Chant, P Pomeroy, 17-19; M McAlpine, K Hickman, R Cridge, P Moffitt, 14-17; M Heneghan, G Clode, A Weech, B Rattenbury, 18-11.

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County 2 Rink: Lyme 45, Dorchester B. Allman, S Pomeroy, A Weech, P Pomeroy, 23-10; M Heneghan, G Clode, P Moffitt, B Rattenbury, 22-16.

Friendly: Lyme 98, Madeira 84. V Henson, C Bell, P Knight, C Barber, 33-6; A Darvill, J Bishop, A Nabarro, P Weech, 19-15; B Smith, B Parsons, A Rattenbury, P Moffitt, 19-18; N Driscoll, J Parsons, J Moseley, Chris Barber, 14-22; R Bishop, B Driscoll, J Moffitt, B Rattenbury, 13-23.

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West Dorset Men Div 1:Lyme 61, Dorchester A 55. B Driscoll, P Stephens, B Parsons, D Meylan 18-23; S Dowling, R Hobbs, A Nabarro, R Legg 23-20; D Sarson, N Solomon, J Moseley, C Barber 20-12.

Dorset Ladies Div 1: Lyme 47, Poole Park 55. H Dowling, C Pomeroy, L Broom, C Barber 14-17; J Parsons, A Darvill, A Rattenbury, P Weech 14-18; A Allman, V Henson, J Moffitt, S Rowe 19-20.

Ladies Top Club: Lyme won by three disciplines to one against Dorchester. Singles: A Allman 21-20.; Pairs: L Broom, C Barber 23-15; Triples: J Parsons, A Rattenbury, P Weech 10-27; Fours: J Moffitt, S Rowe, N Stephens, G Mitchell 23-14.

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