Lyme Regis four lift the Dorset 4s as club celebrates first triumph in the competition since 1953.

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Lyme Regis quartet Paul Pomeroy, Paul Moffitt, Peter Eagles and John Eaton have been crowned the champions of the Dorset 4 competition after victory at Dorchester last Sunday.

This is a first win of the prestigious trophy for Lyme since 1953.

All four Lyme bowlers were in good form from the start and quickly put their opponents, Wimborne, under pressure.

At 26-4 in favour of Lyme after just 16 ends Wimborne shook hands, not wishing to endure any further punishment!

In the leagues the men had a good win away to Wellworthy, but the ladies failed again against Dorchester, a team where they have had good success in the past.

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There were five friendlies this week with Lyme managing three wins, one loss and one draw.

The club entertained Winchester on Sunday, one of the highlights of the bowling calendar. The game was followed by a barbeque which was cooked by club members on what was a beautiful summer’s afternoon.

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West Dorset Men Div 1: Lyme 8, Wellworthy A 2

Dorset Ladies Div 1: Lyme 50, Dorchester 55. J Parsons, S Cox, L Broom, N Stephens 20-17; H Dowling, M Bartlett, A Allman, C Barber 17-20; J Moffitt, S Rowe, M Gillett, K Clissold 13-18.


Lyme 121, Crewkerne 99. B Smith, D Perry, B Collier, A Weech 17-16; I Forster, J Perry, T Poyner, R Cridge 15-18; J Barnish, B Turpin, N Solomon, A Preece 15-22; A Foster, G Cozens, P Weech, D Wood 23-12; K Gardiner, K Smith, R Legg, K Clissold 23-12; C Clissold, S Wood, P Stephens, R Edwards 28-19.

Lyme 144, Winchester 113.A Nabarro, J Kesterton, J Moseley, A Allman 24-11; P Cole, H Dowling, N Solomon, B Rattenbury 15-18; P Ward, P Stephens, P Weech, K Clissold 13-21; J Barnish, D Courtenay-Smith, T Allman, A Weech 15-26; C Clissold, V Cozens, N Benson, N Stephens 23-14; Y Moody, G Cozens, Chris Barber, D Meylan 20-16; Doris Read, M Knight, M Gillett, Chas Barber 34-13.

Lyme 59, Axminster 111. P Cole, K Gardiner, A Nabarro, G Cozens 11-38; M Knight, B Smith, T Payne, N Solomon 27-16; Doris Read, M Heneghan, J Owen, R Edwards 9-27; Dave Read, A Brown, D Courtenay-Smith, J Kesterton 12-30.

Lyme 113, Carshalton Beeches 113. P Ward, M Heneghan, D Courtenay-Smith, Chas Barber 18-17; P Cole, K Gardiner, R Hobbs, K Hickman 14-28; C Clissold, J Perry, G Clode, A Preece 19-18; A Foster, B Smith, B Parsons, K Clissold 22-10; Y Moody, G Cozens, J Moseley, R Edwards 27-16; I Forster, T Payne, J Kesterton, D Wood 13-27.

Lyme 94, Somerton 62. P Ward, K Smith, B Collier, K Clissold 31-14; Doris Read, A Foster, J Kesterton, A Preece 19-17; Y Moody, K Faragher, J Owen, A Allman 13-20; C Clissold, G Cozens, M Gillett, J Beadsley 31-11.

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