Lyme Regis gig crews do well at major Newquay meeting

The Lyme Regis newly-formed men’s D crew: (left to right); Marcus Dixon, Dan Dunford (cox), Toby New

The Lyme Regis newly-formed men’s D crew: (left to right); Marcus Dixon, Dan Dunford (cox), Toby Newson, Bruce Khan, Phil Hayward, David Clayton. Roger Brine was also in the crew, but does not appear in the picture. - Credit: Archant

In-keeping with tradition, Newquay once again played host to this year’s annual CPGA County Championships, recently. An event which attracts the country’s finest and most competitive Gig rowing Clubs, writes Chris Bailey.

Second only to the World Championships, in the waters off the Isles of Scilly, the Newquay event is one that is also taken very seriously, with all clubs fielding their very best crews.

This event is split into two weekends of action with the ladies taking to the water first and the men following a fortnight later.

There was a considerable change in conditions across the two weeks!

Part way through the first morning of the ladies race order, the organisers took the unenviable decision to cancel proceedings for the remainder of the day as conditions proved to be too dangerous to continue.

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This meant an early start on the Sunday to resume the racing. Thankfully, a much calmer sea ensued, allowing them to continue.

Because of the numbers of crews entered, all boats would leave the start line in heats of six crews, with the first two of each heat across the line being automatically promoted to the next round, with a capped number of fastest losers also making the grade. This was how the successful teams would make their ascent to the top of the leader board in the forthcoming heats, taking them to the quarter-finals, the semi-finals and the final, the latter being a two-lap race around the 1.8-mile course.

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Lyme Regis entered two crews, the A and B teams.

The Lyme girls found themselves drawn against some quality opposition with the A crew coming fifth in their heat of six and that finish was matched by the B crew.

However, these races were not about race position within their respective heats. They were racing against the clock to post the best time they could against all of the other crews. So, the completed time in their heat could mean they beat other teams racing in their respective heats. At the end of the weekends racing, out of 99 crews, the Lyme ladies A crew finished a very respectable 53rd position overall and an impressive 34th in their category.

The ladies B crew were not far behind, recording a creditable 57th overall and 16th in their category. Caradon A were the outright winners of this event.

Two weeks later and the elite of the men’s crews took to the seas, basking in glorious September sunshine.

Lyme were able to field four crews at event; A, B, C and D crews!

The A crew came second in their heat and so qualified for the second round. The B crew finished quick enough to be within the capped number of fastest losers to ensure they also made the grade.

The same protocol was adhered to for the second round which saw Lyme A just miss out on position, coming in third, but earned a place in the quarter-final on their posted time. The following day would see the top teams emerging, as the competition intensified. Lyme A just missed out on a place in the semi-finals. It was Isles of Scilly World Champions, Falmouth A, who would go on to win the title.

Positions for the Lyme Men’ss as a whoe were: A, 19th overall and 15th in their category; B, 39th overall and 10th in category; C, 51st overall and third in category. The D crew, a newly-formed crew making their debut with precious little prior water training.

Coxed by Toby Newson, the crew, David Clayton-Bruce Khan-Phil Hayward-Marcus Dixon-Roger Brine and Dan Dunford finished in 72nd overall with a number of A, B and C crews behind them on the finishing line.

Lyme Regis Gig Club have enjoyed a successful 2015 season and would like to thank all of their sponsors and support crew who have played a very important part in contributing to their success.

Both men’s and ladies’ teams are now entering into a winter training session, in preparation for the 2016 season.

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