Lyme Regis ladies beaten by Bridport in Top Club meeting

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The Lyme Regis ladies’ had a rest from league duty this week in order to play a Top Club match against neighbours Bridport, writes Paul Moffitt.

Unfortunately Lyme weren’t quite strong enough, on the day, to overcome what is a very strong Bridport squad.

The men fared better in their Top Club tussle against the fancied Greenhill team and managed to come away the victors by three disciplines to two.

The men were not so fortunate in their championship game against Dorchester when they only managed to salvage a single point. Fortunes will have to improve if they are not to find themselves relegated again this season.

The men’s second string had a good result against Dorchester A this week, being somewhat unfortunate not to win the game outright having won by two rinks to one.

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Another shaky week for the friendlies, with only two successes in four. It’s a tough time for captain Philip Stephens trying to fulfil these friendly games as so many members are heavily involved in County and National competitions.


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Dorset Men Div 1: Lyme 60, Dorchester A 64; S Dowling, P Stephens, R Cridge, A Preece 18-25; C Bell, J Beadsley, E Skeemer, R Legg 20-19; R McLennan, B Parsons, D Pomeroy, D Wood 22-20.


Lyme 79, Topsham 153; C Clissold, A Foster, J Moffitt, Chas Barber 18-19; H Dowling, B Downes, T Payne, Chris Barber 13-20; R McLennan, D Courtenay-Smith; P Stephens, D Wood 9-29; I Forster, B Smith, S Wood, P Moffitt 13-27; J Barnish, S Dowling, E Skeemer, K Clissold 15-29. J Parsons, J Irwin, B Parsons, N Benson 11-29.

Lyme 149, Canford BC 113; K Faragher, D Courtenay-Smith, B Burton, K Clissold 22-19; P Cole, A Foster, B Smith, A Weech 27-12; C Clissold, F Sell, T Payne, J Beadsley 16-14; Y Moody, M Heneghan, N Benson, D Wood 24-8; J Barnish, D Perry, M Gillett, A Rattenbury 22-22; M Knight, S Wood, C Bell, J Kesterton 16-21; P Ward, P Knight, P Weech, A&T Allman 22-17.

Lyme 111, Highworth BC 102; B Smith, J Barnish, A Rattenbury, J Beadsley 27-14; B Downes, F Sell, P Stephens, R Hobbs 20-14; S Dowling, T Payne 10-19; N Benson, B Stephens, P Weech, A Preece 16-22; T Young, J Irwin, S Wood, B Parsons 27-11; I Forster, M Heneghan, H Dowling, E Skeemer 11-22.

Lyme 93, Seaton 97; I Forster, M Heneghan, T Payne, K Clissold 14-18; R Bishop, C Clissold, A Rattenbury, B Turpin 21-17; Y Moody, J Perry, P Stephens, C Bell 19-31; B Downes, A Foster, A Nabarro, J Kesterton 19-20; J Bishop, V & G Cozens, B Smith, E Skeemer 20-11.

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