Lyme Regis ladies bowl to superb victory over Blandford

The best of the Lyme Regis results over the past week must got to the ladies, who had a very impressive win away at Blandford where they banked eight of the 10 points on offer, writes Paul Moffitt.

The ladies also sparkled in the Ladies County Benevolent Triples with the Lyme team of Ann Allman, Pam Weech and Sue Rowe winning all three games with a margin of 52-15. This qualifies them for the semi-finals to be played on finals weekend.

The men took six points off Bridport when playing away in the championship. This win was facilitated by a very fine win from Barry Rattenbury's rink.

Twenty teams of ladies from across Dorset, Somerset and Devon took part in the annual Lyme Ladie's Triples Tournament, sponsored by Sue Rowe and Trevor Allman.

The eventual winners were Severalls Jubillee, from Crewkerne, who out-played Greenhill in the final to win 12-4.

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The best performing Lyme rink was Erica Sarson, Nicky Driscoll and Jill Lewis who, despite winning all three games, were denied a place in the final because of poorer shot difference.

The two friendlies played this week were Cardiff away and Winchester at home. On both occasions Lyme were the runners-up!

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Dorset Men's Championship

Lyme 52, Bridport 43: B Driscoll, B Parsons, S Pomeroy, B Rattenbury, 28-9; M Heneghan, g Clode, C Barber, P Moffitt, 13-17; T Allman, A Nabarro, P Pomeroy, S Chant, 11-17.

Dorset Ladies Div One

Blandford 47, Lyme Regis 68: C Pomeroy, N Driscoll, H Dowling, C Barber, 10-31; A Allman, P Weech, A Darvill, A Rattenbury, 29-9; J Moffitt, J Parsons, P Knight, S Rowe, 29-7.


Lyme 84, Cardiff 129: D Sarson, J Sherring, N Benson, A Rattenbury, 9-23; B Smith, D Courtenay-Smith, C Bell, D Meylan, 16-22; A Sherring, B Driscoll, B Parsons, H Dowling, 13-27; J Moon, C Pomeroy, S Dowling, S Pomeroy, 13-24; A Darvill, E Sarson, T Allman, B Rattenbury, 12-19; M Heneghan, R McLennan, J Parsons, A Allman, 21-14.

Lyme 90, Winchester 120: M Knight, A Darvill, B Parsons, H Dowling, 13-15; R Bishop, A Rattenbury, S Dowling, S Pomeroy, 17-22; J Bishop, J Moffitt, B Moon, P Pomeroy, 18-16; B Smith, J Parsons, D Meylan, P Moffitt, 23-21; J Moon, J Sherring, J Lewis, P Knight, 11-25; C Pomeroy, D Courtenay-Smith, N Benson, B Rattenbury, 8-21.

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