Lyme Regis ladies win well against Broadstone Wessex - twice!

Madeira bowls. Ref exsp 6936-21-15SH. Picture: Simon Horn

Madeira bowls. Ref exsp 6936-21-15SH. Picture: Simon Horn - Credit: Archant

In the leagues the ladies achieved a 6-4 win away at Broadstone Wessex and the following day chalked up a stunning win in the June Culpin game against the same opponents, writes Paul Moffitt,

The men in the championship division again came up short again away to Poole Park. Now firmly rooted at the bottom of the table, it will take some sort of miracle to avoid relegation.

In the two friendlies, Lyme came second in both matches which were against Honiton and Ilminster.


Dorset Men's Championship

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Lyme 50, Poole Park 54: M Heneghan, G Clode, C Barber, P Moffitt, 14-18; B Driscoll, B Parsons, S Pomeroy, B Rattenbury, 24-15; T Allman, A Nabarro, A Weech, S Chant, 12-21.

Dorset Ladies Div 1

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Lyme 63, Broadstone Wessex 61: A Allman, N Driscoll, A Darvill, P Weech, 15-24; J Moffitt, J Parsons, P Knight, S Rowe, 17-18; H Dowling, C Pomeroy, L Broom, C Barber, 31-19.

June Culin Trophy

Lyme 52, Broadstone Wessex 18: H Dowling, J Moffitt, L Broom, C Barber, 26-13; A Allman, A Darvill, P Knight, S Rowe, 26-5.


Lyme 81.5, Honiton 103: M Heneghan, J Bishop, P Weech, 12-20; L Young, R Bishop, J Lewis, B Moon, 16-19; M Knight, R Gale, A Preece, A Weech, 30-10; B Smith, T Young, N Benson, P Knight, 16-20; J Moon, N Solomon, A Darvill, 7.5-34.

Lyme 68, Ilminster 75: B Smith, A Allman, A Preece, T Allman, 18-16; L Young, J Parsons, P Stephens, A Weech, 22-16; R Bishop, J Kesteron, G Clode, B Parsons, 12-24; J Bishop, T Young, A Nabarro, A Darvill, 16-19.

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