Lyme Regis league teams suffer another difficult week

PUBLISHED: 13:17 21 May 2019

Sidmouth bowls mixed pairs competition. Ref shsp 23-17TI 3932. Picture: Terry Ife

Sidmouth bowls mixed pairs competition. Ref shsp 23-17TI 3932. Picture: Terry Ife


It's been another very poor week in the leagues for Lyme Regis teams, writes Paul Moffatt.

The ladies failed to get a point against Blandford, the championship men only gained a single point against Poole Park and Lyme II men only managed two points against Bridport A.

The friendly matches saw Lyme teams fare a little better, with one win, one draw and two losses, or in the case of the game against Cranford more of a slaughter!

Commiserations, to Pam Weech, Angela Rattenbury, Chris Pomeroy and Alex Darvill who were narrowly beaten by Bridport in the quarter-finals of the county ladies fours competition.


Dorset Men's Championship.

Lyme 53, Poole Park 61.

T Allman, C Barber, S Pomeroy, S Chant, 15-18; M Heneghan, A Nabarro, A Weech, B Rattenbury, 14-19; B Driscoll, G Clode, P Moffitt, P Pomeroy, 24-24.

West Dorset Men Div 1

Lyme 56, Bridport A 60.

P Edmonds, N Solomon, P Eagles, D Meylan, 11-23; S Dowling, R Hobbs, B Parsons, K Hickman, 20-22; M Knight, J Beadsley, P Stephens, J Moseley, 25-15.

Dorset Ladies Div 1

Lyme 46, Blandford 63.

H Dowling, C Pomeroy, L Broom, C Barber, 11-30; J Moffitt, J Parsons, P Knight, S Rowe, 19-23; A Allman, A Darvill, A Rattenbury, P Weech, 16-20.


Lyme 95, Sidmouth 95.

N Driscoll, M Davies, P Knight, 14-21; P Moseley, S Dowling, P Weech, 15-10; A Darvill, N Solomon, H Dowling, 18-9; J Davies, E Sarson, A Rattenbury, 19-21; M Knight, J Lewis, D Meylan, 13-15; J Moon, P Stephens, J Moseley, 16-19.

Lyme 98, Honiton 80.

M Heneghan, J Sherring, J Moffitt, A Weech, 21-16; A Darvill, D Sarson, A Rattenbury, H Dowling, 27-13; J Moon, S Dowling, B Parsons, Chas Barber, 14-17; E Sarson, B Moon, P Moffitt, Chris Barber, 14-20; B Smith, J Parsons, J Lewis, P Weech, 22-14.

Lyme 89, Madeira 92.

N Driscoll, A Sherring/P Weech, P Edmonds, B Moon, 19-15; J Moon, D Sarson, S Dowling, B Parsons, 14-17; J Sherring, M Davies, S Pomeroy, 16-24; E Sarson, D Courtenay-Smith, B Driscoll, B Rattenbury, 17-18; B Smith, J Davies, N Solomon, A Weech, 23-18.

Lyme 73, Canford 132.

M Knight, B Driscoll, A Preece, B Parsons, 9-26; J Parsons, B Moon, J Moffitt, Chris Barber, 7-25; J Sherring, J Bishop, P Moffitt, B Rattenbury, 10-26; N Driscoll, P Moseley, P Knight, A Weech, 10-20; B Smith, N Benson, Chas Barber, 16-17; J Moon, R Bishop, J Moseley, S Pomeroy, 21-18.

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