Lyme Regis men continue to struggle for league points

Lyme Regis Bowls Club

Lyme Regis Bowls Club - Credit: Archant

In terms of Lyme Regis league teams, it is the men’s first team who continue to struggle for points, writes Paul Moffitt.

Their latest outing saws them suffer another whitewash defeat, this time at the hands of visiting Poole Park.

However, the second team did well to get six points away to Portland Victoria despite losing on two rinks.

Top billing this week applies to the ladies as they banked a fine eight points when they entertained West Moors.

Of the three friendlies played, the only win for the club was against a touring side from Bicester.

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The losses were against Chardstock and South Petherton.


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Dorset Men’s Championship:

Lyme 44, Poole Park 64: M Heneghan, G Clode, A Weech, B Rattenbury, 14-17; M McAlpine, P Eagles, R Cridge, P Moffitt, 17-23; T Allman, S Pomeroy, S Chant, P Pomeroy, 13-24.

West Dorset Men Div 1

Lyme 52, Portland Vic. 50: B Driscoll, P Stephens, B Parsons, D Meylan, 21-11; R McLennan, A Henson, K Hickman, BW Payne, 13-18; D Sarson, N Solomon, J Moseley, C Barber, 18-20.

Dorset Ladies Div 1

Lyme 64, West Moors 55: H Dowling, C Pomeroy, L Broom, C Barber, 18-17; J Parsons, A Darvill, A Rattenbury, P Weech, 13-25; A Allman, V Henson, N Stephens, S Rowe, 33-13.


Lyme 71, Chardstock 84: J Moon, L Young, D Sarson, A Nabarro, 7-23; B Smith, A Curtis, P Stephens, N Solomon, 20-19; R Bishop, E Sarson, B Moon, P Knight, 15-29; V Henson, A Darvill, J Bishop, A Weech, 29-13.

Lyme 129, Bicester Tour 73: M Heneghan, R Turpin, J Moffitt’ S Chant, 31-7; A Sherring, F Sell, A Nabarro, A Weech, 27-13; A Darvill, J Sherring, B Rattenbury, Chris Barber, 18-14; R Bishop, P Stephens, H Dowling, P Weech, 22-23; J Bishop, D Courtenay-Smith, S Dowling, P Moffitt, 31-16.

Lyme 63, South Petherton 91: E Sarson, A Nabarro, P Knight, 5-32; B Smith, D Sarson, B Rattenbury, 15-13; L Young, A Rattenbury, A Weech, 16-15; V Henson, A Darvill, Chas Barber, 12-18; M Knight, J Kesterton, Chris Barber, 15-13.

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