Lyme Regis men defeat Dorchester B 8-2.

The Lyme Regis ladies have had a busy week, two league games, a two rink knockout and one friendly, writes Paul Moffitt.

Unfortunately their only success was in the friendly.

The men had a 8-2 win against Dorchester B, not bad, but they would have hoped to secure all 10 points.

The club played host to the Dorset Men’s 2 Wood quarter and semi finals on Sunday as well as the final of the Dorset under 25 two wood singles.

In the friendlies, the ladies had a win against Chardstock whilst in the mixed games it was one win against Cardiff, but a loss against touring side Southall and District.

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In the June Culpin knockout Cup Lyme ladies came up against a strong team from Poole Park going down by 26 shots to 45.


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West Dorset Men Div 1: Lyme 64, Dorchester B 56; T Allman, E Skeemer, C Barber, D Meylan 11-21; G Broom, P Eagles, K Hickman, P Moffitt 29-19; J Eaton, S Pomeroy, B Rattenbury, P Pomeroy 24-16.

Dorset Ladies Div 1: Lyme 46, West Moors 68; J Moffitt, S Rowe, M Gillett, K Clissold 12-21; H Dowling, D Courtenay-Smith, A Allman, C Barber 12-25; J Parsons, S Cox, L Broom, N Stephens 22-22.

Lyme 37, Broadstone 46; J Moffitt, S Rowe, M Gillett, K Clissold 10-14; H Dowling, M Bartlett, A Allman, C Barber 11-17; J Parsons, S Cox, L Broom, N Stephens 16-15.

June Culpin Knockout Cup: Lyme 26, Poole Park 45; J Parsons, A Allman, L Broom, N Stephens 20-16; H Dowling, M Gillett, K Clissold, C Barber 6-29.


Lyme Ladies 45, Chardstock Ladies 37; Y Moody, J Barnish, C Barber 9-21; J Bishop, S Cox, M Gillett 14-8; M Bartlett, J Kesterton, J Moffitt 22-8.

Lyme 121, Cardiff 85; S Wood, P Stephens, C Bell, B Parsons 17-10; R McLennan, M Gillett, J Parsons, D Wood 19-16; B Downes, J Kesterton, N Benson, A Preece 14-19; M Bartlett, B Burton, A Weech, E Skeemer 26-15; S Dowling, D Courtenay-Smith, P Weech, D Meylan 25-7; P Cole, B Smith, H Dowling, B Rattenbury 20-18.

Lyme 112, Southall & District Tour 125; P Cole, S Cox, G Clode, N Stephens 18-16; C Clissold, V Cozens, P Stephens, R Legg 23-20; J Barnish, J Hare, M Gillett, A Preece 22-20; Y Moody, A Foster, M Thorner, Chris Barber 15-17; A Lole, A Brown, P Weech, J Beadsley 12-27; P Ward, J Brown, G Cozens, K Clissold 22-25.

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