Lyme Regis men keep league hopes alive with Sherborne success

The 'Roberts Day' ladies at Lyme Regis

The 'Roberts Day' ladies at Lyme Regis - Credit: Archant

It was a good week for Lyme men in the league who took eight points off second placed Sherborne, writes Paul Moffitt.

They need to get similar results in their last three games if they are to challenge Bridport for the top slot in Division One.

The ladies continued their slide in Division One of the Dorset league losing 2-8 to top of the table Blandford.

In the Edna Paisley league the ladies managed to secure 6 points against Sherborne thanks to a handsome win by Pam Weech’s rink 26-3.

On Saturday, the ladies played for the Robert Sumelka Cup which has become known as ‘Robert’s Day’. This is a competition between drawn pairs with 2 woods. It is a strict knockout competition with the eventual winners being Kathy Clissold and Val Cozens who had a narrow victory over Jan Parsons and Jo Barnish 10-9.

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In the friendlies Lyme were narrowly beaten by two very strong Touring sides but, did manage to beat Sherborne by a decent margin.


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West Dorset Men Div 1.

Lyme 73; Sherborne 45: G Broom, P Eagles, K Hickman, P Moffitt 14-16; T Allman, M Heneghan, B Parsons, D Meylan 30-20; J Eaton, S Pomeroy, B Rattenbury, P Pomeroy 29-9.

Dorset Ladies Div 1.

Lyme 64; Blandford 70: J Parsons, S Cox, L Broom, N Stephens 37-12; H Dowling, S Wood, A Allman, C Barber 12-31; J Moffitt, S Rowe, M Gillett, K Clissold 15-27.

Edna Paisley:

Lyme 32; Sherborne 26: P Cole, J Barnish, V Cozens 6-23; Y Moody, T Poyner, P Weech 26-3.


Lyme 120; Plymouth Sir Francis Drake 123: A Foster, J Perry, P Eagles, P Moffitt 17-19; J Barnish, P Stephens, R Hobbs, D Meylan 14-18; M Knight, D Perry, P Weech, R Edwards 24-9; K Gardiner, N Solomon, J Moffitt, A Weech 17-11; B Smith, A Nabarro, J Hare, A Preece 22-23; C Clissold, D Wood, N Benson, J Moseley 7-26; K Faragher, A Allman, G Clode, K Clissold 19-17.

Lyme 105; Woolston Tour 114: C Clissold, J Kesterton, A Weech, Chris Barber 10-21; S Wood, P Stephens, A Allman, Chas Barber 19-19; M Heneghan, T Poyner, D Wood, P Moffitt 18-18; M Wheeler/B Stephens, P Weech, D Copurtenay-Smith, N Stephens 14-19; J Eaton, J Moffitt, J Parsons, R Edwards 29-21; P Cole, N Solomon, J Beadsley, K Clissold 15-16.

Lyme 117; Sherborne 94: C Clissold, D Wood, Chas Barber 24-8; P Ward, G Clode, M Knight, D Meylan 24-14; D Read, A Foster, R Hobbs, A Weech 22-20; Y Moody, M Heneghan, P Weech, R Edwards 20-14; P Cole, A Nabarro, T Poyner, A Preece 7-23; G Cozens, S Wood, J Beadsley, K Clissold 20-15.

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