Millwey Rise FC - an ode to departing the ‘slope’


- Credit: Archant

Dick Sturch, who keeps us updated on all things Millwey Rise Football Club has penned an ode which is well worth a read.

The ode was penned in April, 2011, on the occasion of ‘Rise’ leaving their previous home and moving in at their current home of Cloakham Lawns.

When the next football season gets underway it will mark the start of the 10th season with Cloakham Lawns as their club headquarters.

Here’s Dick’s poem.


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Slopng Off

For fifty years you served us well

Most Read

So many stories you can tell.

You`ve seen the joy as well as sadness,

Seen the victors and the vanquished.

Plumbed the lows and scaled the heights,

And seen some pretty gruesome sights.

Stood thru` rain, the snow and ice.

Abused by some. (Not very nice.)

Scarred by men in studded boots,

Cursed by men about to shoot

As their shot you did deflect

By the way you are bedecked.

Humps that run across your back.

Rough hewn spots you never lacked.

And side to side some variations

As well as steep sloped undulations.

But as we stand upon the line,

Your history we all bring to mind.

The first match played `gainst Isle Youth Club,

Before hot showers and three match subs.

How quickly you did make the news,

As everyone expressed their views.

So much emotion you evoked,

You very famous Millwey slope.

RIP Millwey Rise FC football pitch (1961-2011)

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