Mixed fortunes for Lyme Regis

PUBLISHED: 09:42 03 August 2011




LAST week was certainly a mixed week of results for the league teams, some very good and some disappointing, writes Paul Moffitt.

The championship side took a well deserved maximum ten points against Branksome Park at home and the A team came away with a useful six points, despite only winning on one rink.

The B team, who had been cruising along quite nicely in the last few weeks, had a disaster at Dorchester losing all ten points.

The ladies struggled away on a very fast track at Greenhill, but did manage to salvage a brace of points.

I can’t remember another season when there has been so much variance in the speed of the greens.

Whereas at this time of year you expect all greens to be running fairly quickly, this year that is not the case and when playing away, you need to acclimatise pretty quickly to the conditions or the game is lost!

The friendly front has also been a bit of a mixed bag, losing some that as a Club we might normally expect to win.


Dorset Men’s Championship:

Lyme 54; Branksome Park 42.

C Clissold, J Eaton, S Pomeroy, P Pomeroy15-12; B Gillett, P Stephens, E Skeemer, P Moffitt 19-12; R Richardson, T Allman, D Meylan, C Barber 20-18.

West Dorset Men Div1.

No result cards to hand for the ‘A’ team.

West Dorset Men Div2.

Lyme ‘B’ 34; Dorchester ‘B’ 78.

R Turpin, H Keep, R Winterborne, J Belger 9-31; B Downes, N Solomon, R Moody, G Cozens 11-27; R Carnan, R McLennan, B Stephens, R Cridge 14-20.

Dorset Ladies’ Div 1.

Lyme 46; Greenhill 68.

J Moffitt, M Gillett, J Parsons, K Clissold 15-27. H Dowling, D Courtenay-Smith, N Stephens, C Barber 12-25; C Barber, J Perry, L Broom, A Allman 19-16.


Lyme 71; South Petherton 65.

S Cox, M Knight, J Beadsley, K Clissold 16-16; J Beavis, R Hobbs, J Irwin, E Skeemer 13-18; P Knight, C Clissold, N Benson, P Moffitt 25-13; R McLennan, A Rattenbury, A Preece, R Winterborne 17-18.

Lyme 61; Severalls 71:

J Brown, N Solomon, G Cozens, G Cozens, K Clissold 16-12; J Beavis, A Brown, R Moody, P Moffitt 16-16; A Lole, H Dowling, J Moffitt, E Skeemer 16-22; Y Moody, C Clissold, B Turpin, J Beadsley 13-21.

Lyme Ladies 43; Westlands 45:

J Barnish, K Smith, J Parsons 17-10; S Applebee, J York, K Clissold 18-17; P Cole, M Gillett, J Moffitt 8-18.

The much awaited bi-annual trip to Cardiff proved a great success plus a narrow win!

Lyme 113; Cardiff 106:

T Payne, T Poyner, D Wood, J Irwin 14-15; R McLennan, S Applebee, R Winterborne, B Parsons 19-27; Y Moody, A Rattenbury, T Horsham{on loan from Cardiff}, D Meylan 25-16; J Beavis, B Stephens, J Parsons, R Edwards 21-16; B Downes, P Cole, N Benson, A Preece 18-17; S Wood, M Bartlett, R Moody, B Rattenbury 16-15.

Lyme Ladies 55; Chardstock Ladies 41:

J Barnish, V Cozens, N Stephens 33-4; S Wood, K Smith, J York 6-21; M Bartlett, J Brown, C Barber 16-16.

Lyme 77; Charmouth 54.

P Knight, J Barnish, N Solomon 17-10; D Read, S Applebee, H Keep 20-19; K Faragher, D Courtenay-Smith/M Knight, B Smith 14-12; S Cox, R Carnan, P Stephens 26-13.

Lyme 130; Den Teignmouth 102:

Y Moody, M Bartlett, A Preece, J Irwin 19-20; J Barnish/s Cox, V Cozens, R Moody, R Winterborne 20-18; S Applebee, J Moffitt, B Stephens, B Rattenbury 24-16; D Read, A Curtis, N Benson, K Clissold 21-14; C Clissold, J Beadsley, A Rattenbury, R Edwards 19-19; B Downes, T Poyner, D Courtenay-Smith, G Cozens 27-15.

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