Modbury pony race entries


MODBURY POINT TO POINT 2009 @ FLETE PARK Saturday 2nd May 2009RACE 1 138cm & Under RaceNOPONY NAMERIDERAge, colour, heightHunt/OwnersAge, Colours1. BEJOWANS BOUQUETLamertonHeidi Lewis (12)12yo Chestnut 136cmMrs.LewisBlue with red x bands, red arms & red & blue quartered cap2. BRONZE LAWRANCEDartmoorHannah Welch (11)6yo Bay g 138cmG. WelchCambridge Blue with black x belts & pink cap3. FUDGESouth PoolAnna Wotton (11)11yo Bay g 134cmMrs.WottonRed/black quarteres with red/black striped sleeves and quartered cap4. MAJOR MURPHYDartmoorOlivia Northmore (14)14yo Grey G 137cmMrs.NothmoreGreen with red hoops & red cap5. NEWOOK SECOND THOUGHTLamerton Victoria Sleep (11)8yo Chest g 137cmMrs SleepGreen with pink stars, pink & green stars sleeves & cap6. RAVARA SUPER TEDDartmoorPippa Glanville (12)9yo Grey g. 136.8cmL.Glanville / A. WalterRoyal blue, pink/blue armlets. Light blue/pink striped capRace 1 cont:7. SILVER CLOUDTorrington FarmersJake Bament (12)13yo Grey 137.2cmMrs.H.BamentBlack with white chevron, black & white quartered cap8. SPOT THE PHOENIXDartmoorKatie Northmore (12)6yo Appoloosa g. 135cmMrs.NorthmoorBlue/red checks, blue/red arms and quartered cap9. SOLO BREEZEDartmoorDonald Comer-Calder (12)5yo Dun g 128cmMrs.Comer-CalderGreen with green & yellow hooped cap10. TALPONCIAU PERFECT PRINTDartmoorBarnaby Treneer (10)8yo Dun g 137cmMrs. TreeneerGreen with green & gold striped capRESERVEJUMPING JACKDulverton FarmersChester Williams (11)10yo bay g N.Williamsorange with orange capMODBURY POINT TO POINT 2009 @ FLETE PARK SATURDAY 2nd May 2009RACE 2. - 148cm RaceNOPONY NAMERIDERAge, colour, heightHuntAge, Colours1. FLAREONSouth DevonChloe Grove (14)6yo Bay m 148cmMrs.RaynerGreen with white sleeves & green with white star cap2. GINGER BISCUITModbury HarriersBronwyn Buttery (15)5yo chest g 145cmMrs.ButteryPurple with blue x belts, purple with blue star cap3. ITZIBIBIDartmoorHannah Welch (11)6yo grey g 147.5cmG.WelchGreen, green & yellow hoped cap4. IVORY GIRLLamertonHenry Armstrong (13)8yo Bay g 146.5cmMrs.A. DennyBurgundy with yellow stars & yellow cap5. TARKADartmoorBryony Frost (14)5yo Bay g 148cmMrs. FrostBlack with green hoops & white capRace 2 cont:6. THE FAIRY TINKERBELLNorth CornwallJess Twentyman (14)6yo Bay m 148cmMrs.TwentymanRed with pink stripes, chocolate sleeves & white cap7. WHINNEY WIDGETTorrington FarmersJosie Gordon (15)12yo B m 148cmMrs. MundyPurple/Blue quarters, p/b halved sleeves & quartered cap

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