Nocturnal success for the Honiton Sea Anglers

James Trevett enjoys some evening fishing

James Trevett enjoys some evening fishing - Credit: Honiton Sea Angling Club

James Trevett from the Honiton Sea Angling Club enjoyed a recent nocturnal struggle with a determined 6ft conger eel. 
After a promising start to his evening, James left the rod for a while and it soon went down hard, prompting a battle with the conger. 
Just as success seemed within his grasp, the conger spit out the hook and slid down the shingle, back into the sea. 
There was, however, a small surprise left behind, with a small eel still on the hook and the only conclusion was that the larger eel had taken the smaller counterpart whole and simply puked it back up during the fight with James. 
Not exactly what you expect from an evening under the waves but at least there is some sport to celebrate in our region at the moment, with the Honiton Sea Anglers facebook page enjoying the successful catch from a number of new members over the past week. 

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