Seaton karate black belt double

Giles Basson, aged 9, is one of the youngest students to earn a black belt from the Karate Academy according to Sensei John Burke, head of the organisation and one of the judges on duty at a martial arts convention in Newton Abbot, sanctioned by Karate Academy and The British Association for Martial Arts.

Basson was one of two karate students from Seaton who were awarded black belts.

Local tradesman Steve White and Basson, a pupil at Seaton Primary School, were put through a gruelling schedule that tested their knowledge and ability of Shotokan Karate over two days before being awarded the level of black belt by three fifth Dan instructors.

The wording on the certificates given to the two reads: “The bearer of this award has achieved the standard sought in the search for the limits of physical endurance and efficiency in the art and spirit of Martial Arts, that after examination was judged to be worthy of the grade Shodan (1st Dan) in the Martial Art of Shotokan Karate-Do.”

Both karate students train together at the Seaton Martial Arts Centre under the careful instruction of Sensei Jim Harvey.

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Mr Harvey has taught karate for many years and was the original instructor of the aforementioned Sensei John Burke. He has also trained Basson since the latter was only four years old.

For further information about karate in Seaton, please contact Jim Harvey of Seaton Martial Arts Centre on 07867 818667.

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