Seaton win Perham Trophy

The ladies’ and gent’s B teams have been the pick of the bunch with eight points apiece this week at Lyme Regis GC, writes Paul Moffitt.

What should have been a bit of a banker for the Championship side against lowly Wimborne proved to be anything but. The visitors notched up six points against Lyme's four, the match being won by a mere two shots.

The A team struggled again, when up against Dorchester A at home, securing just two points.

On the friendly front, it was win, win, win for Lyme. Comfortable wins against Somerton & Queen Camel were followed by a Lyme rink winning the annual 'Frank Stone Trophy. Opposing teams came from Bridport, Budleigh, Crewkerne, Honiton, Axminster and Sidmouth.

Dorset Mens' Championship - Lyme 45, Wimborne 47: B Gillett, E Skeemer, P Eagles, P Moffitt 14-10; J Eaton, S Pomeroy, B Rattenbury, P Pomeroy 19-18; R Richardson, P Stephens, D Meylan, C Barber 12-19.

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West Dorset Men Div 1 - Lyme A 56; Dorchester A 66: P Stephens, R McLennan, J Beadsley, M Thorner 17-18; G Broome, G Clode, D Pomeroy, B Parsons 23-19; J Irwin, J Moseley, D Perry, J Wells 16-29.

Div 2 - Lyme B 57, Bridport B 41: B Downes, D Read, R Moody, G Cozens 22-13; R Carnan, R McLennan, B Stephens, R Cridge 13-14; R Turpin, T Payne, R Winterborne, N Solomon 22-14.

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Dorset Ladies'Div 1: V Cozens, D Courtenay-Smith, N Stephens, Chris Barber 21-14; Clare Barber, M Bartlett, L Broom, S Rowe 17-18; J Moffitt, M Gillett, J Parsons, K Clissold 25-14.

Friendlies - Lyme 114, Somerton 91: A Lole, T Poyner, G Clode, J Parsons 20-19; T Payne, B Gillett, Chris Barber 27-11; I Forster, R Carnan, R Edwards 13-25; J Barnish, C Clissold, B Turpin, Chas Barber 17-12; K Faragher, N Solomon, J Eaton, E Skeemer 31-13; Dave Read, G Cozens, J Beadsley 16-21;

Lyme 106, Queen Camel 72: Dave Read, K Smith, P Stephens, R Edwards 17-14; K Faragher, S Applebee, J Eaton, K Clissold 25-15; J Beavis, J Hare, B Gillett, E Skeemer 22-13; S Cox, K Gardiner, B Turpin, R Winterborne 11-20; I Forster, C Clissold, R Moody, J Beadsley 31-8.

Frank Stone Trophy:

Winning team was S Cox, J York, J Irwin, G Cozens from Lyme, whilst the runners-up were from Bridport, namely J Seadon, M Watts, B Seadon, P Tibble.

This Sunday saw Lyme hosting the annual Ladies' Open Triples, supported this year by 66 contestants from Devon, Dorset & Somerset. The eventual winners were Ruth Voysey, Margaret Ewings & Carole Binmore from Honiton. In the end it was an easy win over the trio from Westlands namely: L Case, H Cotrell & J Humphries.

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