Seven gold medals for swim brothers

Swimmers of the Month announced

Members of Chard and District Swimming Club competed in the Somerset Development Gala held at Hutton Moor, Weston-super-Mare.

In all, 49 personal bests were gained by participants, with the Lillington Brothers excelling as top performers for the club bagging seven gold medals between them.

Other first positions were achieved by Melissa Hanson, 12, 100m backstroke, Leo Kindred, 9, 50m freestyle, Henry Taswell, 9, 200m freestyle and Charlie Kendall, 10, 50m backstroke.

Top eight positions were as follows:

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50m freestyle: 9 years : Leo Kindred (1st); 11 years : Florence Swan (7th); 12 years : Ashley Lillington (1st), Melissa Hanson (3rd), Sam Minson (5th); 13 years: Jake Harvey (6th); 15 years: Jacob Crofton (5th).

100m freestyle: 12 years: Ashley Lillington (1st), Mollie Simpson (3rd).

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200m freestyle: 9 years: Henry Taswell (1st); 10 years: Charlie Kendall (3rd); Tamsin Edge (6th), Ella Harvey (7th), Ben Greenslade (8th); 12 years: Jamie Lillington (1st), Ashley Lillington (3rd).

50m breaststroke: 12 years: Sam Minson (3rd); 13 years: Alex Phillips (3rd) Jake Harvey (4th).

100m breaststroke : 12 years : Sam Minson (3rd); 13 years: Jay Kindred (4th), Lauren Real (6th), Alex Phillips (6th).

200m breaststroke: 9 years: Jessica Patch (3rd); 13 years: Jay Kindred (2nd), Alex Phillips (5th).

50m backstroke: 9 years: Jamie Hannaford (4th); 10 years: Charlie Kendall (1st), Ella Harvey (5th), Tamsin Edge (6th), Ryan Adair (7th), Ben Greenslade (8th); 12 years: Jamie Lillington (1st), Ashley Lillington (2nd); 13 years: Billie-Jo Dance (6th).

100m backstroke: 12 years: Melissa Hanson (1st), Jamie Lillington (1st), Ashley Lillington (3rd), Mollie Simpson (3rd); 13 years: Billie-Jo Dance (6th).

200m backstroke: 10 years: Ryan Adair (5th); 12 years: Jamie Lillington (2nd), Melissa Hanson (4th).

50m butterfly: 10 years: Ella Harvey (2nd), Ryan Adair (7th), Tamsin Edge (8th); 11 years: Daniella Edge (4th); 12 years: Jamie Lillington (2nd).

100m fly: 12 years: Jamie Lillington (1st); 13 years: Billie- Jo Dance (2nd).

100m Individual Medley: 9 years: Henry Taswell (2nd).

200m Individual Medley: 10 years: Charlie Kendall (2nd), Ella Harvey (4th), Ryan Adair (6th); 12 years: Jamie Lillington (1st); 13 years: Jake Harvey (4th).

Other competitors from Chard were: Aline Arnold, Carrie Lewis, Abigail Phillips, Natalie Underwood, Abigail Bonning and Tom Simpson.


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