South Devon Entries

South Devon entries are in

SOUTH DEVON @ IDEFORD ARCH Sunday 7th March 2010

RACE 1 138cm & Under Race

1 BEJOWANS BOUQUETLamertonHeidi Lewis (13)

13yo Chestnut M 136cmMrs.M Lewis

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Blue with red x bands, red arms, red/blue quartered cap

2. BRONZE LAWRENCEDartmoorHannah Welch (11)

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6yo Grey g 138cmG. Welch

Cambridge Blue with black x belts & pink cap

3 FUDGE South PoolAnna Wotten (11)

11yo Bay g 134cmMrs. Wotten

Red/Black quarters, striped sleeves & quartered cap

4 TALPONCIAU PERFECT PRINT Dartmoor Barnaby Treneer (10)

9yo dun g 137cm Mrs. Treeneer

Black with white chevrons, black & white quartered cap

RACE 2 148cm & under

1. ANNIE IV Dart Vale & South Pool Harriers Hannah Welch (12)

7yo bay m 147.5cm G.Welch

Cambridge blue with black x belts, pink cap

2. CLOVER JESS Dulverton Farmers Chester Williams (12)

11yo bay m 147cm Mrs. Williams

Orange with black star, orange sleeves, orange with black star cap

3. FLAREONSouth DevonChloe Grove (14)

7yo bay m 148cm Mrs. Rayner

Green with white sleeves & green with white star cap

4. IVORY GIRLLamertonHenry Armstrong (13)

8yo bay g 146.5cmMrs.Denny

Burgundy with yellow stars & yellow cap

5. TARKADartmoorBryony Frost (13)

6yo bay m 148cmJ.Frost

Black with green hoops & white cap

6. THE FAIRY TINKERBELLNorth CornwallJess Twentyman (14)

7yo bay m 148cmMrs.Twentyman

Red with pink stripes, chocolate sleeves & white cap

7. TOTAL ECLIPSE Llangeinor Rachel Leyshon (15)

8yo black m 148cm A.Leyshon

Pink with blue stars body & cap

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