South-West Angels of Terror

SWAT Roller Derby

SWAT Roller Derby - Credit: South-West Angels of Terror

One of the many great sports that will be hoping for a full return in 2021 in the fabulous Roller Derby. 
We are proudly represented in this unique sport by the South-West Angels of Terror (SWAT), who formed in 2010, with members from across Devon and Somerset working on skills, fitness, endurance and team play. 
The SWAT team compete in the British Championship and South-West tournaments, but what actually is Roller Derby? 
Each team has one jammer (the point scorer) and defensive players. The game begins with the pivots and the blockers (defensive players) skating in front in a tight formation (the pack). 
The jammers race to pass through the pack once, at which time no points are scored – but a “lead jammer” position can be established. They continue to race around the track and jammers score one point for each blocker they lap, as long as they pass that player in bounds and without penalties. 
It is rough, tumble and great fun. 

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