Success at Muay Thai gradings

Students from Exeter and Honiton Muay Thai completed their gradings recently.

They had to demonstrate their skills in self defence, shadow boxing, padwork, stretching and fitness as well as sparring for the higher grades. They also had to demonstrate knowledge of Thai terminology and the history of this 3,000 year old martial art.

The results were as follows: Paul Quick brown and white armband, Jasper Tirad, Adam Greenland and Luke Harbour purple and white armband. Molly Maggs and Chelsea Masters blue and white armband, Sam Loader blue armband. Lorraine Smart, Bobby Gwyver and Tom Dyte graded to green. Dean Guest and Martin Zadka graded to yellow, Greg Cundhill graded to white armband. Students are eagerly awaiting their seminar with grandmaster Sken who was one of the three Thai masters who brought Muay Thai to the UK in 1977.

If you are interested in learning this ancient art you can learn Muay Thai and Muay Boran under kru yai (assistant master) Sonny Perez who also holds the World and intercontinental Thaiboxing titles at super middleweight. Telephone 07791607735

on Sunday, 19 fighters received medals when they competed in a gym show in Okehampton. Particularly noteworthy were Maisie Maggs who competed against an English champion and winner of the Muay Thai superleague. Dean Guest did really well by holding his own against another junior superleague winner.

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