Tackling ten trigs challenge

February’s Four Trigs race is ideal Grizzly preparation, involving 17 miles round Sidmouth with “an obscene amount of climb” as the organiser puts it.

It makes a superb training run for those local runners who just can’t get enough of hilly, off-road running and last time Garry Perratt did it with Sidmouth RC’s Malcolm Bayer, they decided to add a fifth trig on East Hill Strips for good measure, which added a couple of miles. But even that’s not enough for some local loonies. Guy Lavender needed a last long training run before his hundred miler in the Alps at the end of the month and Garry hadn’t had a recent fix of the utter exhaustion often experienced towards the end of ultras, so the mad couple decided to do the Five Trigs on Sunday ... and then turn round and do it t’other way.

Garry’s nutritional preparation involved missing two of the previous three nights’ suppers and Guy had a few muscular niggles so they took it very steadily, aiming for a couple of hours for each half loop.

Honiton RC’s Heather Foundling-Hawker joined them for the first ten miles but, unfortunately, had to withdraw with a bad blister. The two continued in perfect weather, with great running and excellent views and, of course, experienced the joys of the switchback between Weston and Mutter’s Moor twice in one day!

Garry began to struggle after the penultimate trig and was in distinct shuffle mode by the time they reached the last one on Fire Beacon Hill so declined to ascend it (having climbed all others), but Guy held it together admirably all the way and is looking good for Mont Blanc. They completed the run in nine hours.

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The Round Britain Coastal Relay Run, with Barry the Baton, is an amazing project which started in Blackpool in May and ends there in October - to run a baton all the way around the British coast-line. Barry arrived in Yarmouth on Sunday morning and Dave Kelf with Nurse Gladys ran with him from Yarmouth to Lowestoft (10 miles). Sarah joined in for some of the time on her bike. The backup, including ice-lolly Joy, was excellent and they met many people along the ten-mile way. Amazingly, they also met the three new donkeys on Gorleston beach whose first day it was after an absence of 35 years.

l Harry Moore and Tiffany Moore both successfully completed the 2.5 mile Lyme Regis Lifeboat run.

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Harry was pleased with his 25 minutes dead, while Tiffany was a bit quicker.

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