Toucans chase the game

For three weeks running, before Christmas, weather took its toll of fixtures, with games at Honiton being cancelled due to slippery court conditions.

With the New Year it was torrential rain and high winds that led to the cancellation of the Honiton games once again. This meant that only the second division indoor games at Colyton took place.

Division One

Team P GD Points

1 Flamingos [1] 9 +162 23

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2 Wasps [3] 8 +92 21

3 Keeley’s Angels [2] 8 +90 21

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4 Visions [4] 9 -57 13

5 Weather Girls [6] 9 -95 12

6 Bo-Peeps [5] 10 -81 11

7 Uplowman [7] 7 -111 7

Division Two

Lyme Bay 15, CMC Birds 12

Tip Top Trees 32,

Sidmouth Toucans 20

When Lyme Bay met CMC Birds on the opening day of the season, the honours had gone to the Birds with a two goal victory.

Lyme Bay were looking for their revenge and also for their first win of the season!

The first quarter was goal for goal with the sides tied at three goals each, before the Birds moved 7-5 ahead, thanks to fine play from Lee Pidgeon at GD.

The third quarter saw Lyme Bay gain the upper hand to start the final period 11-10 ahead but with all to play for.

With Karolyn Mandy playing well at WA it was Lyme Bay who maintained control to end the night with their first win from the 15-12 victory, a win that saw them swap places with the Birds in the table.

Tip Top Trees had met Sidmouth Toucans for the first time in the second week of the season and had taken the points from the match. The Toucans were hoping to do better and they just edged the first quarter with a 9-8 lead.

With Ellie Fanzo playing well it was 3Ts who gained the upper hand in the second period and they moved 18-10 in front.

Although Kristie Platt worked hard at GA for Sidmouth they were still chasing the game in the third quarter as Tip Top Trees increased their lead to 28-15.

The final quarter saw Toucans outscore 3Ts – by a single goal – to reduce the losing deficit to 20-32. The win kept the Trees firmly in second place.

Team P GD Pts

1 HiQ [1] 11 +255 33

2 Tip Top Trees [2] 11 +128 30

3 Sidmouth Toucans [4] 9 +72 21

4 Howden’s Hawks [3] 9 +134 20

5 NAS Vehicle Repairs [5] 8 -14 12

6 Lyme Bay [7] 11 -181 8

7 CMC Birds [6] 9 -169 7

8 JD Tyres [8] 10 -215 5

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