Wall of water misses Lyme green

Saturday morning's weather brought chaos in and around Lyme Regis’s green, with mud and rocks cascading off the cliffs in a wall of water which, miraculously, were diverted away from the green by the dividing wall between the green and the car park.

Unfortunately, the car park was rendered unusable by tons of blue lias mud and rocks. As a result of this, the County Pairs quarter and semi finals which were due to be played at Lyme on Sunday had to be abandoned. This would have been a lucrative fixture for the club which is losing revenue on a regular basis because of so many cancelled matches.

What a week! The men managed eight points against Blandford in the Championship and went on to overcome Wimborne in the County Cup by two shots. This result puts Lyme into the semi-finals.

Unfortunately the A team were again beaten by Sherborne, losing all 10 points. Their fortunes will have to change quickly or relegation looms.

The ladies were victims of the weather having to postpone their league game and share their points with Sherborne in the Edna Paisley.

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Dorset Mens' Championship: Lyme 53; Blandford 39 - P Stephens, E Skeemer, T Allman, C Barber 12-17; J Eaton, P Eagles, S Pomeroy, D Meylan 18-17; M Knight, A Preece, K Hickman, P Moffitt 23-5.

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West Dorset Men Div 1: Lyme A 39, Sherborne 77: G Broom, G Clode, J Beadsley, M Thorner 12-29; J Irwin, R McLennan, D Wood, R Legg 14-27; S Dowling, D Perry, J Moseley, D Pomeroy 13-21.

Friendly: Lyme 106, Topsham 100 - B Smith, M Bartlett, N Solomon, A Preece 14-18; J Andrews, S Dowling, D Perry, Chris Barber 20-16; T Payne, H Dowling, D Wood, R Edwards 14-25; A Nabarro, J Beadsley, T Poyner, Chas Barber 27-10; B Downes, S Wood, N Benson, T Allman 15-19; P Moseley, J Moseley, D Courtenay-Smith, J Irwin 16-12.

The friendly away to Sidmouth was abandoned half-way through because of inclement weather!

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