Take a trip to the Discworld with Axminster Drama Club

Some members of the cast for Axminster Drama Club's production of Mort. Picture: Andrew Coley

Some members of the cast for Axminster Drama Club's production of Mort. Picture: Andrew Coley - Credit: Andrew Coley

Stephen Briggs’ adaptation of Sir Terry Pratchett’s Mort will be taking to the stage in Axminster.

Following its acclaimed production of Spamalot, Axminster Drama Club’s next comic production is Sir Terry Pratchett’s Mort, a play adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs

If you’re contemplating a change of career you might consider Death’s.

When Mort, the unemployable, goes seeking an apprenticeship, he is offered a job by Death, (the Discworld’s anthropomorphic personification of the Grim Reaper), that would last an eternity - literally.

The work is not onerous, it keeps you forever young, and you have endless opportunities of travel to interesting and exotic places.

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The pay, from some ‘clients’ according to their religion or means, is modest, a coin on each eye, but if you never spend it, you could amass quite a respectable fortune.

This then is Mort’s ‘life’ in waiting.

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A tall, gangly, warm-hearted, youth whose naivety belies his innate intelligence and whose sense of fair play – driven more by hormones than justice – lands him and his ‘victim’ into an alternate reality.

Death, meanwhile, inspired perhaps by Mort’s gallivanting, takes time off from his duties to explore the world of the living and their doings.

He has a holiday!

To find out what happens next in Death’s Dominion and The Discworld visit the Guildhall Axminster from Thursday, May 24 to Saturday, May 26.

Seating is not allocated and tickets, costing £10, are on sale at the Archway Bookshop of on line at www.ticketsource.co.uk/axminster-drama-club

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